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《Real Teacher’s Voice》

ONE WORLD is a Japanese Language School with a friendly atmosphere, where students and teachers are close together.

Mr. Takumi, who has been working as a Japanese teacher for one and a half years at One World, is highly rated by students.


Today, we asked him what he is conscious of at this school.

"What do you keep in mind when dealing with students?"

"I am particularly conscious of communicating with each student and balancing fun and learning."

It is also important to stand in front and teach everyone the same content. However, they differ in how much they understand and how motivated they study Japanese. That's why we need to teach each one individually. During class, I always have time to teach each and every one separately.

Also, I also try to interact like a friend with my students. When I'm not in a class, I try not to behave like a teacher. For example, I try to use messenger to talk with them. I don't like being a very strict teacher, I think that the closer the student is to the teacher, the comfortable they are to ask questions.

I also pay attention to the balance between fun and seriousness. It must be a class that is not only fun but also a benefit to the student. It is difficult to balance teaching the Japanese language because it is very complicated, but I try to make various ingenuity to understand them in a fun way. "

Let's study Japanese together!”

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