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One World Japanese Language Center Inc.

《Real student’s voice》


We asked Ms. Salve how she studied at One World and passed N4(Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 4)....
“Did your study at One World help you get an N4 Level exam?”

"It was very helpful"

Japanese teachers were very kind and patient to me.Whenever I asked questions, they were very much willing to answer anything that I am confused about.

It is always difficult to learn another language, but everyone in the school the staffs and the teachers guided me through my entire journey. Whenever I feel that I want to give up they always remind us why we started to study Japanese Language, that is why I did my best to do all the effort that I need in order to pass the N4 Level exam.

For every class, teachers make sure that everyone understands each and every lesson. Additionally, they gave us techniques and provided coaching opportunities based on our mock exams so we can improve on our scores.

"Thanks to these techniques, I passed N4."

She also commented to those who are coming to One World. "Don't be afraid in learning Japanese." "Love Japanese Language and it will love you back. Do your best for your dream!"

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