Good Day! here are some short trivia about Japans new E... [Y. Suzuki Nihongo Learning Center]


Good Day! here are some short trivia about Japan's new Era ,Emperor and Empress.

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画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:、「DID YOU KNOW THAT New era in Japan April marks the start Japan's Reiwa period SLG $ Rei Order, auspicious 和 Wa Peace, harmony Reiwa, term that means peace and order' or 'auspicious harmony' tradition, government decided oldest collection poems rather than Chinese iterature. Prime Miner Shinzo Abe they chose name saying, flowers that beautifully bloom heralding the arrival spring after severe winter, each Japanese people bloom own flowers with hope for A lovely thought begin anew break with Japanese」というテキスト
画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:1人、、「DID YOU KNOW THAT IHONG Naruhito is Japan's first
画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:1人、、「DID YOU KNOW THAT ARNI $ Masako is the Empress of Japan as the wife Naruhito, who ascended to the Chrysanthemum Throne in 2019 Masako, original name Owada Masako, (born December 9, 1963, Tokyo, Japan) Japanese iplomat who became the crown princess of Japan when she married Crown Prince Naruhito 1993 She became empress of Japan in May 2019.」というテキスト