Congratulations to all the passers of NAT examination held a... [Y. Suzuki Nihongo Learning Center]


Congratulations to all the passers of NAT examination held at Philippine Christian University, Makati happened on October 20, 2019. ??? % ?????? ?????

Exams are tough but our students in Scholarship Program Batch 1, 2 and 3 are successfully make it with their superb performances. We knew that they could make it because they are truly determined and prepared for the said examination.

Kudos to your dedication and hardwork. You've reach our expectation and YSNLC are so proud of... you for your new and great achievement! You've proved that dedication and studying resulting to an excellent outcome. Hope you'll keep up the good work and continue giving your best and success itself will come to you.

Cristy C. Bagoporo 1955760111
Rochelle Balagantio 1955760105
Kim Sherry Cuevas 1955760119
Maria Luisa B. De Sagun 1955760003
Ysabel Jovellanos 1955760087
Sherry DS. Santos 1955760066
Jessa Ann Umali 1955760051
Karel Arvin Vallencia 1955760069
Laarni Sulit 1955760042
Sharon Belane 1955760084
Alyssa Mei Luna 1955760114
Ida Valerie Calpito 1955760053
Jasmin Nicolette Fabian 1955760021
Jhello Nicoli Matuguinas 1955760008
Sherie Mae Padilla 1955760069
Elia Lyn Red 1955760057

Maricar Dang S. Raborar 1954760003